2030 C.E is an era in which martial law has been declared in San Francisco. It has fallen into ruins and gang wars, and Kage Mishima still reigns supreme.

2030 has some unique items to its time period:


  • Kevlar Armor - The inferior armor available in 2030.
  • Ebonite Armor - The superior armor available in 2030.

Health Pickups Edit


  • Glock 2020 - a glock pistol that has a reloadable clip.
  • Slugger - a shotgun with an alternate ammo mode.
  • Kineticore - a weapon that fires 3 bouncing projectiles in a burst fire, with the ability to freeze foes.
  • Ripgun - a rapid fire minigun that needs to be spun up before firing.
  • Novabeam - a weapon that fires powerful energy beams in bursts.
  • Metamaser - a mine that fires lasers at nearby friends and foes for a short time before self-destructing.