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560 A.D is a era in which Norway has been ravaged by plague and buboids. Evil wizards reign supreme, and the people live in fear. Even the fair and just King Gharroth has shattered his sword and became a recluse in his own castle as his people die.


  • Plague village
  • Entrance to Garroth's castle
  • Garroth's castle
  • Grave of royal family
  • Castle underground
  • Windrax's tower
  • Nharre's tower


  • Chain Mail - The inferior armor available in 560.
  • Black Adamant - the superior armor available in 560.

Health Pickups[]


  • Silverclaw - a melee weapon used to destroy Buboids and stop them from coming back from the dead.
  • Bolter - a weapon that fires accurate, but somewhat low damage projectiles at a fast rate.
  • Ballista - a weapon that fires a large explosive projectile and knocks the user back with each shot.
  • Stave of Stavros - a weapon that fires an explosive projectile.
  • Wyndrax's Wisp - a weapon that fires floaty, bouncy projeciles that give off lightning bolts in a small radius around the projectile.
  • Nharre's Nightmare - a super weapon. You gain the powerful assistance of the dead/demons, but can seriously hurt yourself while using this weapon.


Final Boss[]