Daikatana Wiki
Ballista Era: 560
Ammo Reserves: 40
Weapon Type: Explosive, Projectile
Damage Per Shot: Variable
Self Damage: Yes



Ballista Ammo

The Ballista is a weapon available in era 560. It takes the role as the Era's analogue to a Rocket Launcher.

The Ballista fires a log, fashioned into an spike/arrow that explodes on contact with a surface or enemy. Firing the Ballista causes knockback on the player who fired it.


The Ballista has a special ability called skewering. If a fired ballista log hits near the mid-section of an enemy player or enemy creature hitbox who is close to a wall, the enemy will be temporarily pinned to the wall. The time a unit spends pinned to the wall will depend on the creature - larger creatures will not be pinned long, and Buboids and Lycathirs will also not be pinned long, while smaller creatures and enemy players will remain there longer.