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Barrier in the beta

The Barrier is a staff-like weapon in era 560, in the pre-alpha version of Daikatana which is an early version of the game in 1997.

This staff, whilst having a rather basic idea of a staff, It’s yellow and the front of the Barrier resembles a bat curling up the staff. The end of the front of the staff is a blue jewel, which is probably to make the Barrier have its magical power.

It’s a totally unfinished weapon - when you press the fire key, the Barrier's fire animation will play, but does nothing, so there’s no way to see what it did. Probably the staff would create a barrier that could protect you from attacks, as the staff’s name suggests.

The weapon’s name seems to be temporary. Likely the developers overlooked the Barrier to give it a true name (or even work on it for that matter), "Barrier" must have been a placeholder name for the magical staff.

The Barrier is named rather differently in it’s .dll file, and here it’s called “Celestril", as opposed to it simply being called "Barrier" in the pre-alpha. It seems that Celestril was a sorcerer who probably would have carried the Barrier, as it has his name in the .dll file. Also, it appears that he would be likely been a boss of the Magicians. As with other sorcerer staff weapons in the final game, it appears the Barrier’s name would have Celestril in it. This never came to be however, as after the pre-alpha the Barrier and Celestril, and what relates to them, never appears in the final version after that.