Daikatana Wiki
Brains Era: 2455
Occupation: Guarding the Daikatana in Mishima's Vault
Enemy Type: Harmless, Final Boss

Brains are a secruity mechanism in era 2455.

There are 4 brains guarding the Daikatana in Mishima Fortress. They are connected via tubes to it, except the largest one.

They are a security mechanism, and use identification and strong psychic powers to protect the Daikatana.

Destroying a tube will flip open a protective shield, and reveal the fragile brains in their glass tubes.


Largest brain

Killing 3 brains will open a large door, in which the largest brain (referred to in early design documents as the master brain) will appear. It has heavily armored glass and will deploy 2 laser gats on its left and right, and 2 around the walls surrounding the Daikatana.

Killing the master brain will make it summon 2 Psyclaws.