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C-4 Vitzatergo Era: 2455
Ammo Reserves: 20
Weapon Type: Projectile, Detonatable
Damage Per Shot:


Self-Damage: Yes

C4 Vitzatergo


Ammo for the Vitzatergo

The C-4 Vitzatergo is a weapon in era 2455.

The Vitzatergo fires an explosive projectile forwards that will attach itself to surfaces. The C-4 can be manually detonated, by pressing the weapon key, in which the player will press a button on the side of the weapon. The C-4 will also explode if it remains on a surface for 30 seconds, in which it destabilizes and explodes, if an enemy or the player comes within proximity of the explosive, and if nearby c4 explodes, it will create a chain-reaction of explosions.



Pre-Alpha Vitzatergo

The Pre-Alpha version of this weapon is signifcantly different than in the final game. The model is different; it is a launcher with a handle, and a open clip holding the bombs on the left side.

The functionality is also different - The bombs lack the proximity mine ability of the final game's C4, which means that when enemies and players come close to the bomb, it will not detonate on its own. It can only be manually detonated. The bombs will explode in first to last order when they have been primed and they are detonated. You can have up to 9 active bombs on a map at one time. When you fire another, all the placed bombs will automatically self destruct.