Daikatana Wiki
Chain Mail Era: 560
Pickup Type: Armor
Armor Added: 125
Armor Attribute: Absorbs 1/3rd of each attack

Chain Mail

Chain Mail is an armor pickup in era 560. It provides the player with 125 Armor points, and its armor attribute makes it absorb 1/3rd of each incoming attack's damage.

The Chain Mail is the sub-optimal armor available in 560, the superior version being the Black Adamant, granting more armor points and the better armor attribute, absorbing more damage than the Chain Mail's.


The Chain Mail in the Pre-Alpha had the same armor value and the same armor attribute, but however did use a different model.


Pre-Alpha Chainmail

As opposed to most of the final games armor, which is a usually just a chest piece with various ornaments in one way or another, the Chain Mail was a large model with shoulders, sleeves, extending past the waist.

The Chain Mail in the Pre-Alpha was actually chainmail - as opposed to the final game's Chain Mail, which appears as an ornate chest piece with a skull and various designs, and golden or copper shoulder pads, and lacks actual chainmail.


Pre-Alpha Chainmail texture

There was also a different texture for the Chain Mail in the Pre-Alpha, dating before the Pre-Alpha's modelled Chain Mail. The texture appears to fit in with the consistent theme of the armors being chest pieces of armor rather than a whole suit or armor.