Daikatana Wiki
Chromatic Armor Eras: 2455
Pickup Type: Armor
Armor Added: 100
Armor Attribute: 50% resistance to damage, and 90% resistance against Ion Blaster damage.

Final Game Chromatic Armor


Chromatic Armor is an armor pickup in era 2455. It provides the player with 100 Armor points, and reduces the damage you take from Ion Blaster projeciles.

The Chromatic Armor is the sub-optimal armor in 2455, the superior version being the Plasteel Armor, granting more armor points and a less specific, more useful armor attriubute. 

The Chromatic Armor has saw change throughout Daikatana's development.


The pre-alpha Chromatic Armor pickup gives the player 200 armor points, absorbs 50% of each incoming attack's damage, and reflects laser-based attacks, but every time a laser attack is reflected the player takes ¼ of the damage. 

Multiplayer Demo[]


Chromatic Armor in the Multiplayer Demo

In the multiplayer demo, the Chromatic Armor appears as a pallete swapped Plasteel Armor, most likely because it did not have its own model at the time of release. The Chromatic Armor in the multiplayer demo provides 100 armor points and resistance to Ion Blasters, but only resists 1/3rd of all incoming damage.