Cordite Grenades Era: 2030
Ammo Reserves: 15
Weapon Type: Projectile, Timed
Damage Per Shot:

150, Variable

Self Damage: Yes


The Cordite Grenades are the alternate ammo of the Slugger. They require the Slugger to be fired.

Pressing the weapon key corresponding with the Slugger will make the player pump the weapon and then the Slugger will only fire Cordite Grenades until the Cordite ammo is depleted or switched back to the Slugger ammo.

The Cordite Grenade will bounce when in contact with a surface, and will bounce and roll around until its timer expires, and it will then explode.

The projectile will make a sound each time it bounces and will leave a small smoke trail as long as it is in movement.



Pre-Alpha Cordite

In the Pre-Alpha, the Cordite Grenade appeared as a grenade held by the player. It appears that the grenades were going to be their own weapon with their own animations but were re-incorporated into the Slugger.