Daikatana Wiki
Cordite Grenades Era: 2030
Ammo Reserves: 15
Weapon Type: Projectile, Timed
Damage Per Shot:

150, Variable

Self Damage: Yes


The Cordite Grenades are the alternate ammo of the Slugger. They require the Slugger to be fired.

Pressing the weapon key corresponding with the Slugger will make the player pump the weapon and then the Slugger will only fire Cordite Grenades until the Cordite ammo is depleted or switched back to the Slugger ammo.

The Cordite Grenade will bounce when in contact with a surface, and will bounce and roll around until its timer expires, and it will then explode.

The projectile will make a sound each time it bounces and will leave a small smoke trail as long as it is in movement.



Pre-Alpha Cordite

In the Pre-Alpha it appeared as a first-person weapon model, having Hiro’s arms holding the Cordite Grenade. It appears that Cordite Grenades were supposed to be a separate, throwable item instead of something being secondary ammo for the Slugger (or for the Pulse Rifle’s primary ammo, which is also in the Pre-Alpha, according to the .dll file of it) at one point. If the model of it is of any indication, the Cordite grenades would have to be equipped to be thrown by the player. As it’s only a first-person weapon model at this point, there’s no way to use it.

However, since only the Pulse Rifle in the Pre-Alpha and the Slugger in the final game are the only ones that can use them and aren’t throwable, there’s no way to see what it did on it’s own but probably it would be that having a similar effect to them being fired via the Pulse Rifle’s grenade launcher fire mode, but thrown by hand instead by using the gun. After the Pulse Rifle and probably the ability to throw the grenades were cut from the game, the Slugger now used the grenades for it’s Grenade launcher fire-mode, which is very similar to the Pulse Rifle’s grenade launcher fire-mode.