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Daikatana had a one issue comic that was released alongside Stevie Case's Daikatana guide, created by Top Cow.

Plot Synopsis[]

The story starts with Hiro Miyamoto in a forest on a horse in a monologue about time, his childhood and the effects of Mishima on the world. The story starts in the 16th century with young Usagi Miyamoto, ancestor of Hiro Miyamoto, and his father, Inshiro Miyamoto. Usagi travels around the world, in the search to improve his weapon forging skills, to honor the Miyamoto legacy. He visits Vikings, and talks to Norse forgers, goes to Haiti and talks to voodoo shamans, and to Celtic forgers. Usagi then creates the Daikatana, but then with its imbued time travel properties, sees that he has created destruction and chaos with the Daikatana. The Mishima clan then pursuits Usagi after he wont give the Daikatana to the Mishimas then commits seppuku, and throws himself and the Daikatana into Mount Fujiya, much to the dismay of the current Mishima shogun. A Mishima clan member swears vengeance and that they will find the Daikatana next to Usagi's dead body.

In the distant future, an explorer working for Toshiro Ebihara finds the Daikatana. Toshiro then has the Daikatana delivered to his lab, where he lets his daughter, Mikiko, wield it. Soon, Kage Mishima and his ninjas attack the lab - in an attempt to steal the Daikatana. Mikiko quickly dispatches of the ninja attackers, but is defeated by Kage. Mikiko then continues to try and retrieve the Daikatana from Kage, and fails. The next panels show Toshiro contacting Hiro Miyamoto, who goes on a quest to save Mikiko.

Inconsistencies with the game[]

The comic has a lot of inconsistencies with the game.

  • In the game, Toshiro Ebihara excavated the Daikatana, but is presented as very old.
  • Tatsuo Ebihara worked in a lab and is portrayed in the comic, but is referred to as Toshiro. Tatsuo researched the Daikatana - in 2030, before Hiro Miyamoto, Toshiro Ebihara or Mikiko Ebihara could have been born.
  • Kage appears much younger in the comic than he does in the game. In the game he has white hair and appears as an old man, while in the comic he seems in his 30s or 40s.
  • Hiro riding a horse is very unlikely, as in 2455 most animals have been replaced with cyborgs, such as the Battle Boar.
  • Inshiro Miyamoto is never mentioned in the Daikatana PC version, however, there is an Inshiro Ebihara.
  • Inshiro Ebihara is bestowed the Daikatana from Usagi Miyamoto. Inshiro then fights the Mishima's clan and overthrows him.
  • Mikiko would not be able to wield and use the Daikatana due to none of her lineage using the Daikatana.


  • Mikiko's personality in the comic is accurately captured, and her betrayal is even hinted when she wields the Daikatana.