Daikatana Wiki

Platform: Game Boy Color Release Date: June 30, 2000 (Europe Only)
Dk gbc box front small
 Box Art: Europe/Japan

Daikatana saw a Game Boy Color port by Kemco, and due to lack of interest was not published commercially in Japan and America, and was only published in Europe. A certain amount of copies were made, and is now a rare collectors' item.

John Romero has released the roms of this game for free on his site in 2004.


By request of Romero - Kemco developed a Legend of Zelda like top down game, with dungeons, puzzles and boss battles, along with text based story, leading to a completely different experience than the 64 and PC versions of the game.

The game has 8 locations and 32 levels.

It also lacks the Skill System seen in the PC and 64 versions of the game, however, you do get extra health reserves on killing a boss.

Sidekicks aren't available - however - you get to play as ALL the protagonists - Hiro, Mikiko and Superfly.


The GBC version of Daikatana had an unreleased promotional advertisement made by Kemco.