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Daikatana cover (N64)

Daikatana was created for the Nintendo 64 by Kemco. It was originally only available as a rental starting July 31st 2000, in the USA but was made available commercially during the holiday season that year. It was released May 1st, 2000 in Europe and April 7th the same year in Japan.

It required an N64 expansion pak, and had support for rumble paks and the controller pak.

The N64 game also had multiplayer.

Differences from the PC version[]

Daikatana is similar to the PC version in terms of gameplay, but the game itself is very different. It plays one repeating music track per era, weapons can be carried through different eras, and it had a lot of fogging and low framerate along with low resolutions to make up for performance in its large areas, despite the expansion pak.


It also provided dialogue for interactions with the various Mishima employees that wander around the levels in 2455. In the PC version they were unresponsive (aside from running away and screaming), and could not be interacted with. However, due to Kemco being a Japanese developer, this resulted in some broken English dialogue, which was unintentionally hilarious.

This was due to the game being on a Nintendo system, to prevent pointless slaughter, despite the game already being rated M.

Weapon switching involved the HUD dissapearing, and a large circle of your current available weapon models that you can scroll through and select.

The cutscenes were completely different, and lacked spoken dialogue, and only had sound effects and music.


  • The game often breaks the fourth wall with dialogue, such as Hiro mentioning the end of a level.