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The GBC port of Daikatana had an advertisement that was never aired to promote the release of the game. It appeared to be towards the later development cycle of the game, and showcases many areas in the final version of the game.


The narrator of the ad seems to have limited understanding of the source material.


GBC ad

The narrator mispronounces the name of the game's antagonist Kage Mishima - pronouncing it as cage instead. Throughout the ad he also says the power of Daikatana - rather than the power of THE Daikatana - which is possibly a typo in his script. He also says Color Game Boy version - rather than "Game Boy Color" which its commonly reffered to as. The awkward wording combined with the 'loosen your ties' quote at the end turns this ad into a mess.


It is clear that Kemco made this ad, and this may attribute to some of the typos and awkward wording throughout the ad, due to Kemco being a Japanese based developer. This also explains the large difference between Daikatana's marketing in the U.S and elsewhere. It is unknown exactly when it was created, but it appears far in development. The last shot of the ad is just zoomed in US promotional artwork for Daikatana - leaving half of the logo in the shot. The obvous low budget, combined with the advertisement itself, shows that this is probably due to Kemco knowing at the time that the GBC version of the game was not going to sell well.