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Deathmatch is a multiplayer game mode in which all players try to get the most amount of kills in a match. The first person to reach the frag limit will win the game. Each frag awards a player a point. There are no teams, and each player is left to fend for themselves.

Deathmatching is very popular in the Daikatana community. It is often played, and easily accessible regardless of how many players are playing. (However, Capture the flag is more popular with larger groups of players.) There are many deathmatch maps, especially compared to other game modes.

Default deathmatch Maps[]

Daikatana came with multiple deathmatch maps, some of which have been remade.

2455 Maps[]

1200 B.C Maps[]

  • Trials of Olympus
  • Decay of Heroes
  • Catacomb Carnage

560 Maps[]

  • Wizard's Roost
  • Shallow Grave
  • Plague Poundings

2030 Maps[]

  • The Dojo
  • Hard Lesson
  • Hideout

Non-era specific[]

  • Slice n' Dice