Discus of Daedalus Era: 1200 BC
Ammo Reserves:  10
Weapon Type: Projectile, Throwable, Homing, Melee
Damage Per Shot:  ~ 30 Damage
Self Damage: No

Discus of Daedalus - final

Ammo: See Weapon

The Discus of Daedalus (commonly abbreviated to the Disc)  is a ranged projectile weapon available in 1200 BC.

The Discus of Daedalus when fired, will fly in the direction the player was aiming at. If an enemy is within proximity of the Discus as it is flying outward, then the Disc will home in on the enemy, and if successfully hit, will change its path to return to the player. 

If a player is very close to a surface or enemy they will not throw the disk, but will perform a melee strike without throwing the disk. This makes a rapid attack at point blank, due to the fast animation, and without having to wait for the Discus to fly out and back.

The Discus will return to the player if it hits a surface, it hits an enemy, or it flies a set distance.

The Discus when thrown will travel slower underwater, but upon hitting an enemy or surface will return to the player at normal speed as if in air.

Pre Alpha Edit


The Discus looks radically different compared to the final's. Instead of being merely a discus being held by the player, it consists of a yellow and black holder that holds a discus. The holder has a neat animation of it folding out every time the weapon is taken out by the player. However, the weapon's behavior is the same as the final's. Of note is that the Discus fired by the player and the Discus on the view model have completely different textures. The model discus has some sort of blue stone texture, while the one thrown by the player is grey and has a carving of a Greek warrior on it.