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The Dopefish is a recurring secret/easter egg in Daikatana. The Dopefish is an easter egg referenced in many video games, originally created by Tom Hall for the Commander Keen series. Tom Hall worked at Ion Storm during the development ot Daikatana.

The Dopefish is an enemy with a massive amount of health. It swims underwater and will attack the player. The fish resides in lairs, which all contain a Mana Skull and usually ammo and health pickups.

The Dopefish appears once per era.

Daikatana (1)

The Dopefish in Daikatana.

The Dopefish appears in 2455 in the Sewer System. In E1M2B, enter the secret area in which you can get the Shotcycler-6. Shoot the four corner lights, and they will descend into the floor. A grating will slide open and you can enter the Dopefishes' first lair.

In 1200, in Acropolis, the second lair of the Dopefish can be found. In E2M4A, the first major structure that you enter will have a huge water fountain in it. Jump into the water in the fountain, find the open spot and swim  into it. You have to break the wall under here to gain access to the second Dopefish's lair.

The Dopefish lair in 560 appears in the Plague Village. In E3M1A, towards the house with the exit and the keystone inputs, under the first bridge that direction there will be a boarded up entrance. Breaking it will reveal the third lair of the Dopefish.

In 2030, the last lair or the Dopefish appears in the Tower of Crime. In E4M2B, there is an elevator shaft that has a secret under the water at the bottom. Climb the ladder in the shaft and go all the way down to the floor where there is a low amount of water. Attack the ground until it breaks under you, and there will be an entrance to a secret with a Vitality powerup. On the right of the power up is a destructible wall. Destroy the wall and an entrance to the Dopefishes' lair will be revealed.

Dopefish locations and strategies[]


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