Daikatana Wiki
Envirosuit Eras: 2030?
Pickup Type: Power Up
Bonus Provided: Resistance to environmental damage, and 60 seconds of air underwater.

The Envirosuit is a power up pickup available in era 2030.

It provides the user with full resistance to environmental damage such as poison, as well as adding 60 seconds of breath underwater. It can be found near the docks around Alcatraz in 2030.

Picking up the Envirosuit and going underwater will produce muffled breathing sounds while underwater, indicating the usage of the Envirosuit.

Its function is inspired by the Biosuit from Quake, except with limited air underwater.



Pre-Alpha Envirosuit

The Envirosuit had a completely different appearance in the Pre-Alpha, and was much less futuristic than the final versions. It is unknown why this was changed.

The idea of the Envirosuit was preceeded by the cut item the Oxylung.