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Glock 2020 Era: 2030
Ammo Reserves: 150
Weapon Type: Hitscan
Damage Per Shot: 18
Self Damage: No

Glock 2020


Glock ammo

The Glock 2020 is a weapon available in era 2030.

The Glock 2020 is a pistol that has 15 rounds in its magazine. Firing the last shot in the magazine will fire the round, and after that the gun will have to be reloaded in order to to be used.


The Glock has a more modern, less futurstic look in the Pre-Alpha, it's more like a generic black pistol. It works similarly to the final game's Glock; it fires a shot when the fire key is hit, and also has the reload mechanic, but there are some differences. The fire rate is faster than normal when the fire key is held down. When firing with the fire key down, the gun viewmodel centers itself in the middle of the screen when it is fired and will remain that way until the player switches weapons. Additionally, the gun can be reloaded manually with a reload_glock console command, unlike the final game, where you cannot reload manually.


The Glock in the Pre-Alpha

Unlike the final game's Glock, the Pre-Alpha glock is held with the viewmodel's left hand, whereas in the final game the Glock is held with the right hand.

Of note is that if the gun is reloaded manually via the console, the bullets from the previous magazine stack with the new magazine.

The clip size is also 14 bullets, rather than firing a shot and reloading, the fire key will make the weapon reload without firing.


Untexured Glock in the Pre-Alpha, with a hand at the bottom which is absent from the used Glock model in the pre-alpha.

There is also a untextured glock model from before the Pre-Alpha's generic black pistol, which shows a hand, most likely there was intended to be an actual, more realistic reloading animation with both hands, but was cut.


  • The Glock 2020 appears to resemble the real-life Glock 18 pistol. It also appears to mix it with the Glock 26 pistol.