Goldensoul Eras: All
Pickup Type: Health, Rare Pickup
Health Added: 100 (Will add 100 health no matter what - health over max health level will slowly decay to whatever your max health limit is.)



The Goldensoul is a Rare Pickup item in Daikatana. It exists in all eras. It adds 100 health to whatever the current health of the player is. Any health added over the max health will slowly decrease at about 1 hp per second until it reaches the players max health limit.

The Goldensoul will make a uniquely distinctive heartbeat sound when you get within proximity of it. This can be used to find it's exact location.

Pre-Alpha Edit

In the Pre-Alpha, the Goldensoul was a golden heart, explaining its name. It was unknown why the model was changed.


Pre-Alpha Goldensoul