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HIro Miyamoto Eras: All, born in the 2400's
Occupation: Dojo Instructor, Swordsman, Defender of the Daikatana
Daikatana PC 003-1

Hiro in his dojo

Hiro Miyamoto is the main character of Daikatana, he is the only playable character in the single player campaign in the PC and N64 versions of the game, and one of the playable characters in the GBC version.

Hiro is voiced by Paul Slavens. and Carlos Salamanca (Spanish version)

Hiro Miyamoto owns a dojo in 2455, and teaches children martial arts and to swordfight. It appears that he is in a bad financial situation, as his reaction to seeing someone at his door was worrying about paying his rent.

Hiro is a direct descendant of the legendary Usagi Miyamoto, who forged the Daikatana many years ago in the Ebihara and Mishima clan wars in the 16th century. He has been upholding the honor of his family legacy.

Hiro appears well educated, as he is well versed in Japanese history, warfare, martial arts and physics, but also history in general, and mastery of various weapons across time periods.

Hiro is an available character in multiplayer, and starts with a bonus to Attack and Acro.


  • Hiro
    Earlier builds of Daikatana implied that Hiro was to a 2455 archealogy student instead of a dojo swordsman. He also had a different look compared his final build. All of this mention was later retconed in 2000.
  • John Romero had commisioned a large statue of Hiro Miyamoto wielding the Daikatana for e3, and says he has no clue where it went.
  • It is very likely Hiro is a play on words with hero, as Hiro is the protagonist of the games.