Daikatana Wiki
Ion Blaster Era: 2455
Ammo reserves: 100
Weapon Type: Projectile (with ricocheting properties.)
Damage Per Shot: ~30 Damage
Self-Damage: Yes



The Ion Blaster itself.


Ion Blaster Ammo

The Ion Blaster is a ranged weapon that fires projectiles in era 2455. It is the second weapon in Daikatana, along with the Disruptor Glove.

It fires a unique, distinctive green orb with sparks trailing after it. The Ion Blaster projectile will ricochet on contact with a surface. It will bounce off of two surfaces, and will dissipate on contact with a third surface. On contact with an enemy, it will instantly dissipate. However, the projectile can damage you because the projectile is ricocheted off any wall, and it can kill you.

Firing the Ion Blaster into water will result in the projectile making a very small damaging explosion, and thus cannot be used underwater and will just do self-damage to the player.

With the Ion Blaster, you can take out a human enemy in one shot In Ronin difficulty.



Pre Alpha Ion Blaster

The Pre-Alpha Ion Blaster was different from the final version. It had a different model, and there was no model for the projectile that was fired. It did not bounce off of walls like the final game's Ion Blaster. However, an audio file called "ionwallbounce" may indicate that the feature just hadn't been implemented at the time.

GBC Version[]

In the Game Boy Color version of Daikatana, the Ion Blaster functions somewhat differently. Instead of ricocheting, it dissipates on contact with a surface, and does not cause self damage.


The Ion Blaster has a physics exploit, called Ion jumping.

In early versions of Daikatana, the Ion Blaster's projectile didn't hurt you, even if you use the unique properties of the projectile of a surface to yoursef.