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Ion Jumping is a form of weapon jumping with the Ion Blaster utilizing a physics glitch.

How to perform an Ion jump[]

The Ion jump requires you to be on a flat surface, and jump upwards. While in the air, fire downwards, and press the jump key. When the Ion Blaster projectile hits you again, your jump will be reset, and you can jump again. You can repeat this over and over. Due to the physics of the Ion Blaster projectile, it will only work with a flat surface, and will only allow you to aim downwards and gain height upwards.


The usage of the Ion jump is very limited due to the small height and lack of mobility, and the ability of other weapons in 2455 to perform weapon jumps with far more mobility and height, and less damage.

How it works[]

The Ion jump works via physics glitch in the Daikatana engine. The momentum and damage of the Ion Blaster projectile will cancel out all downwards momentum, and the engine will think you have returned to a solid surface, allowing you to jump again.