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Kage Mishima Eras: All
Occupation: Evil overlord

Kage Mishima

Kage Mishima is the main antagonist of Daikatana. He has used the power of the Daikatana to change the past as he seems fit. He has constructed a giant corporation in his name.


Kage Mishima unearthed the Daikatana from the depths of its buried grave in a volcano (Mt. Fuji in the GBC version), and used its power to travel back in time to steal the vaccine for the Mutagenic Marburg-Pox Filovirus from Tatsuo Ebihara. This wiped out a lot of the population, and Mishima kept his supporters alive and his foes dead.

He also sold the vaccine, which resulted in large monetary games and the creation of his huge empire.

Due to Hiro Miyamoto taking the Daikatana from his Vault, Kage used time travel to secure himself a Daikatana from another timeline.

Due to the clan wars between the Ebiharas and the Mishimas, Kage has kept close tabs on the remaining Ebiharas - evident in the fact that Toshiro Ebihara was being pursued by assassins when he contacted Hiro Miyamoto, and that despite the skill and combat prowess of Mikiko Ebihara she was still imprisoned in Mishima's fortress when she tried to retrieve the Daikatana.

Due to the Miyamoto clan being small, and once working under Mishima, and Usagi being killed, the Miyamoto name was of little threat to Kage Mishima. This is evident of Mishima overlooking Hiro Miyamoto completely, as he owned a dojo in Kyoto and his only interactions with Hiro were sending someone to collect rent from him, and it is evident Hiro has not been successful in paying his dues on time, but he has still kept his Dojo.

Kage is very adept with the Daikatana, and this is shown many times throughout the game. Kage is shown to be able to send other people back in time, as well as detect when people are traveling through time, and then insert himself into that time warp, and stop the time warp from continuing forward.

It also, however, shown that Kage has spent a long time learning how to control it. He is an old man in 2455, and is wearing traditional samurai armor, showing his dedication to the sword. In multiple dialogues with Hiro, he says he has much to learn and is not ready about the Daikatana, showing that he spent a long time mastering it.


  • Kage Mishima appears very differently in the Daikatana comic.
  • Kage is referenced in the Daikatana 1.0 readme as an "evil scientist".
  • In an interview with former Daikatana and Ion Storm programmer, Zach Baker, he revealed that many of the voice lines referencing Kage Mishima mispronounced his name as "Cage" and had to be scrapped.