Daikatana Wiki
Kineticore Era: 2030
Ammo Reserves: 300
Weapon Type: Projectile, with bouncing properties, timed
Damage Per Shot: 65 damage per all three pellets hitting a target + 10 damage in Freeze DoT
Self Damage: Yes

The Kineticore



The Kineticore is a weapon available in era 2030.

The Kineticore fires 3 projectiles in a burst per shot. Each projectile bounces with impact on a surface. Firing the weapon downward will give you a boost upwards, and the projectiles will send you flying if they collide with you, making kinejumps a very useful strategy.

The projectiles will also disappear after a set time - and can ricochet an unlimited amount of times before its time runs out. Upon the time ending for the projectiles, they will emit a shattering sound.

The Kineticore can inflict freezing on enemies.