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King Gharroth
King Gharroth
Era: 560
Occupation: King
Enemy Type: Final Boss

King Gharroth is an enemy in 560 and later an ally.

When Hiro and his companions travel to 560, King Gharroth is controlled by Nharre and evil magic. His wife was the first victim of the black plague that affected the village, and upon realising it, she begged him to deliver her with his holy sword, the Purifier, which he did. Nharre told him that the Purifier was responsible for the plague and persuaded him to shatter it, and hid the various shards all over his kingdom. He is driven insane by grief over his killed family, who were killed by Nharre or disease, and were dead before Hiro arrived in 560, but Nharre frames Hiro and his friends for the murder of his family.

Upon meeting him in his castle, the castle has fallen into disrepair, and is overrun by the minions of Stavros, Wyndrax and Nharre. Hiro attempts to negotiate calmly with the King, while Superfly believes he is too far under control of the evil wizards to negotiate.

Gharroth reacts to Hiro's logic, as he calmly tries to explain their situation, that they are innocent and that they were attacked. Gharroth however, cannot be disuaded; he sees they reforged the holy sword, and the broken staff of Nharre proving they defeated him. He decides to avenge his loyal wizard, goes berserk, and fights Hiro.

During the fight, Gharroth throws his spear, and yells about them defacing his castle and invading his domain. The influence of the wizards over Gharroth is great - he uses Stavros' fireballs, and launches Wyndrax's Wisps at Hiro.

King Gharroth is the Final Boss of 560. After defeating him, he notices that Hiro holds his wife's necklace and tells them what happened to her. Musilde and his brother arrive but he fends them off, saying that he has recovered thanks to the Holy Sword and apologizes. He tells to make a medicine with the healing leaf Hiro has recovered.

They were interrupted by the return of Nharre who was not dead, and transforms into a dragon to take revenge. Gharroth gives the Purifier to Hiro to fight him. When he succeeds, Gharroth charges the Daikatana with his magical powers.