Daikatana Wiki
Medusa Eras: 1200 BC
Occupation: Turning people into stone
Enemy Type: Final Boss


Medusa is an enemy in era 1200.

Medusa, like the Greek myth, will turn anyone who looks at her into stone. In Daikatana, she functions the same way. Having a clear line of sight on Medusa will turn you into rock and kill you instantly. She also fires poisonous projectiles at you.

She can only be killed by the Eye of Zeus.

Killing her will result in all the things imprisoned in stone being free - in Hiro's case, this results in Superfly Johnson being freed, but also various foes trapped in her lair.

She is the Final Boss of 1200. Killing her will absorb her powerful magical energy and fully recharge the Daikatana, allowing Hiro to time travel again.