Daikatana Wiki
Megashield Eras: All
Pickup Type: Armor, Rare Pickup
Armor Added: 400
Armor Attribute: Will add 400 armor to player, regardless to armor currently equipped, going beyond normal armor levels.

The Megashield

The Megashield is an Armor Rare Pickup that increases your armor levels to 400. It exists in all eras.

The Megashield pickup gives off a faint ringing sound.


The Megashield functions differently in the pre-alpha. Instead of giving the player 400 armor points like in the final game, the Megashield makes the player completely invulnerable for 30 seconds, similar to the effects of the Manaskull. Right before the Megashield runs out, the message “Green Elf needs food badly.” appears in the console.       This is a reference to Gauntlet.

The Megashield also uses different sounds when compared to the final games, but some of the old Megashield sounds were reused for the Save Gem.


Pre-alpha megashield

The Megashield also used a different model, instead of the darker metal and skull motif, it uses gold trimmings and a lighter color pallet.