Daikatana Wiki
Metamaser Era: 2030
Ammo Reserves: 10
Weapon Type: Projectile, Hitscan, Throwable, Homing/Lock On, Timed, Super weapon, Explosive
Self Damage: Yes


Ammo Pickup: See weapon

The Metamaser is a super weapon available in 2030. When thrown, and it succesfully deploys on a ground surface, it will have a short arm time, and then fire very powerful hitscan lasers at friends and foes and yourself, if they are within proximity to the Metamaser.

After a short time, it will self-destruct in an explosion.


In the Pre-Alpha, the Metamaser wasn't completed and used a placeholder model, and also lacked a viewmodel and animations.


Pre-Alpha Metamaser

The lasers also did not have any corresponding particles.

The Metamaser functioned differently - it had a much shorter timer and would dissapear after firing continously for a short time, rather than the final games timer.