The Midas' Golden Grasp (or simply the Golden Grasp) is weapon in era 1200 B.C, in the pre-alpha. It is a glove worn weapon, with yellow and black colours, and looks a bit like the Disruptor Glove that appears in the final game.


The Golden Grasp as it appears in the pre-alpha .

When you press the attack key when an enemy is at close range, the glove will emit golden sparkles in the air, freezing your enemies helplessly for a limited amount of time, making it more or less a tool than a weapon.

The weapon appears to be named and based off of Midas, who can turn anything into gold, and freezing them, though the Midas' Golden Grasp doesn't turn anything in to gold, and the effects are not permanent.

Concept art of this weapon exists. The weapon's model seems to be based off the concept art look of the Golden Grasp.

1998 Prototype Edit

It looks like the Golden Grasp was worked on much further, unlike the other cut weapons. in Daikatana’s 1998 prototype (Also known as the v.10 prototype), the Golden Grasp appears in this early iteration of the game but with a few problems.

When "fired" It does nothing, making the other weapons more useful than it. also can not be picked up and found in the prototype Greek levels, only able to be given to the player via console commands, so it's possible the code was not implemented in the gun, which appears to be a error when the 1998 prototype was made.

It uses a model that's similar the Discus of Daedalus’ pre-alpha model, only now that the Golden Grasp's model has much more higher quality than the former's pre-alpha model, and the strange blue texture that was present on the disk is now a stone disk with a face on it.

Combining all of this, It seems that the gun would fire a disk similar to Discus of Daedalus, and if it hits a enemy, freezes them for a limited amount of time, instead of having the player get close to a enemy to freeze them temporarily in the Grasp’s pre-alpha appearance. It is also possible that the weapon a super-weapon, just like the Eye of Zeus, as they both have a unique function, but the Golden Grasp is broken.

Apparently, this iteration of the weapon would use a unique ammo pool, called ammo_pyrite (According to one .dll file in the MPlayer demo). The ammo for the Golden Grasp cannot be found in the 1998 Greek levels either.

The model, textures, and even the ammo texture for it is still in the final game, albeit being left aside and unused this time around, which appears to be a mistake.

The Golden Grasp was never seen in the final game again after that point in development.

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