Mikiko Ebihara
Eras: All, born in the 2400's
Occupation: Daughter of Toshiro Ebihara,
Prisoner in Mishima Fortress

Mikiko Ebihara (ミキコ・エビハラ) is one of the main characters in Daikatana, she is a sidekick of Hiro Miyamoto. She is playable in the GBC version of the game.

Mikiko is an available character in multiplayer, and starts with a bonus to Attack and Speed.

She is voiced by Deborah Jolly.


As of 2455, she is imprisoned in Mishima Fortress, but was released by Superfly Johnson and Hiro Miyamoto.

She is one of the only people in 2455 who knows of the Daikatana's existence, along with her father, Toshiro Ebihara and Kage Mishima.

She understands the great power of the Daikatana, and the oppression and control and manipulation of Kage Mishima, as well as his veil of lies, and the truth of the Mutagenic Marburg-Pox Filovirus and its cure.

Mikiko is a direct descendant of the Ebihara lineage, and is keeping the honor and tradition, as well as the fierce rivalry with the Mishima clan. She is the direct descendant of Tatsuo Ebihara.

Mikiko has been raised by Toshiro, and was seriously distraught by her mother's death, probably resulting in her harsh and uncaring nature.



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