Daikatana Wiki
Oxylung Era: Unknown, assumed 2455 or 2030
Pickup Type: Power Up
Bonus Provided:

60 seconds of air underwater


The Oxylung is a pickup power up item that was cut from the final version of Daikatana.

The Oxylung functions almost identically to the rebreather in Quake. It gives the player 60 seconds of air underwater when picked up. It appears in E1M3 in the pre-alpha, but the map doesn't have any water segments.

It could have likely appeared in 2030, due to the underwater segments. It was somewhat succeeded by the Envirosuit as it also gives the user 60 seconds of air- however, the Envirosuit is different in a couple of ways, as it also protects against environmental hazards, such as poisonous gas.