Daikatana Wiki
Plasteel Armor Era: 2455
Pickup Type: Armor
Armor Added: 200 Points
Armor Attribute: Absorbs 75% of all incoming damage.

Plasteel Armor Pickup

The Plasteel Armor is an armor pickup only seen in 2455. It provides the player with 200 points of armor with the additional armor attribute of absorbing 75% of all incoming damage.

The Plasteel Armor is the superior armor type in 2455. The inferior armor type in 2455 would be the Chromatic Armor.


During the Pre-Alpha, the Plasteel armor looked different and functioned differently.


Pre Alpha Plasteel

The Plasteel had less of a futuristic look, and only gave the player 100 armor points, and the armor attribute was to absorb only 1/3rd of the incoming damage.

Multiplayer Demo[]

The Plasteel Armor looks differently and functions differently in the multiplayer demo. The stats and model are mentioned and shown in the multiplayer demo deathmatch handbook.


Multiplayer Demo Plasteel Armor

The Plasteel Armor here gives the 200 armor points like the final games' Plasteel armor, however the armor attribute still isn't as powerful as the final games,but is better than the Pre-Alpha's. The Plasteel in the Multiplayer Demo absorbs 50% of incoming damage as its armor attribute.