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The Purifier is the Holy Sword of King Gharroth. It contains the spirit of the Holy Dragon.

With it he killed his wife at her request, when she was affected by the plague. Then the Necromancer Nharre persuaded him that the sword was the cause of the disease and that he should break it. He did at the grave of his wife. Its shards were scattered all around the area of 560.

Musilde's brother knows the story of the Sword, and Hiro Miyamoto believes that if the shards are found, the King will recover his true self.

  1. One shard is in the graveyard, near a flower.
  2. One shard is dropped by Windrax
  3. One shard is in the batcave beyond the lava room.
  4. One shard is in Nharre's magic pot, found by Superfly Johnson after he is rescued.

King Gharroth will see the completed sword and attack the team. After he is convinced about Nharre's trachery, he gives it to Hiro with which he fights dragon-Nharre. The King then uses the sword to charge Daikatana with its power.