Daikatana Wiki

Respawning is the act of coming back to life after a death in Daikatana multiplayer, as well as new pickups and power ups reappearing at the location of which they were picked up/used after a short time.

Player Respawn[]

In multiplayer, after a small pause after your death, you will be put on a random spawn point on the map. This varies on gamemode, on deathmatch you can spawn randomly at any designated and available spawn point on the map, but in team-based games you can only spawn on your team's respective territory, and not of the enemy team. There are a few maps that are an exception to this, but most team enabled maps implement this idea.

Item Respawn[]


Upon item or power up pickup, a timer starts, and after it is done counting down, the said item will respawn in the exact location you picked it up from. An item respawning has an accompanying sound, along with particle effects which resemble the ones used by the Daikatana on kill.

Respawn time for items varies, ammo pickups respawn quickly, as do health pickups. The better the armor or health pickup, the longer the wait. Weapons have a slower respawn time. Power ups and super weapons have a much longer respawn time, and rare pickups respawn the longest, and in certain cases, can only be picked up once per map.