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Rocket Arena

Rocket Arena is a popular custom game mode in Daikatana multiplayer, similar to the popular Quake mod, Rocket Arena.

About the mode[]

The Rocket Arena is popular and liked for both duels between players, and larger servers due to the fast paced, balanced nature of the game mode.

Rocket Arena is a modified deathmatch free for all. Each player spawns in random spawn points across the maps. Each player spawns with a Sidewinder equipped, with 16 rockets in the ammo reserves. There is unlimited ammo - the rockets fired will never deplete the ammo reserve of the Sidewinder. There are no pickups or powerups on the maps - leading to a pure and equal deathmatch experience, and the only weapons are the default 2455 spawning weapons and the Sidewinder, so that no player may get an unfair advantage, and the players all can do serious damage and can move quickly around the map using rocket jumps, right out of spawning.

The player can still of course, get an advantage by getting frags and leveling up via the Skill System.

Earlier Versions[]

Due to limitations of the game in earlier versions, earlier Rocket Arena maps would spawn players into boxes with Sidewinders, and then teleport them onto the map with the Sidewinders. This led to various problems, such as players being teleported into the map without enough time to pull out the Sidewinder, players being stuck inside each other in the box, and not teleporting on the map.

Popular Rocket Arena maps[]

  • SS7
  • Gothic