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The red dragon as it appears in the beta.

The Sabikii's Red Dragon is a large weapon in era 560, in the pre-alpha version of Daikatana which is an early version of the game in 1997.

It is mostly dark red, with metal detaillings and the front of the gun is shaped like a dragon's head.

When the fire key is pressed, it will release a large arrow that explodes when it hits something. Judging by this, the Red Dragon functions more or less like a rocket launcher.

According to the name, Red Dragon was to be carried by Sabikii, a sorcerer. He would probably be a boss of the three Magicians. Sabikii was to likely carry this weapon along with him and would likely drop the Red Dragon upon his death. This never came to be as while there is concept art for him, the Red Dragon, and what was related to them, never appears in the final game after that.