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Shockwave Cannon Era: 2455
Ammo Reserve: 10
Weapon Type: Super weapon, projectile
Damage Per Hit: Variable
Self-Damage: Yes

Shockwave Cannon


Shock Sphere

The Shockwave Cannon is a weapon found in 2455. It is a super weapon. It fires a ball that bounces off of walls and causes massive damage in a large radius around the ball, as well as some knockback and screen shaking.

There is a small delay after pressing the fire key, and the Shockwave Cannon will make a charging noise and will then fire the projectile. The small delay when firing, along with the bouncing and large self damage results in this weapon being hard to utilize, but its massive damage is a more than decent pay off.


The colored blue lines on the Shock Sphere will fade colors from blue to green and back.