Daikatana Wiki
Shotcycler-6 Era: 2455
Ammo Reserves: 100
Weapon Type: Hitscan
Damage Per Shot: Variable, up to 4 damage per pellet.
Self-Damage: No

The Shotcycler-6 itself.


Ammo for the Shotcycler

The Shotcycler-6 is a weapon in Era 2455. It fires 6 shots in quick succession per press of the fire key, and each round contains 10 pellets that have the potential to inflict 4 points of damage per pellet. The pellets fly in a randomized pattern within a cone shaped area of up to 9 degrees. The variable damage of the Shotcycler-6 make the gun powerful than the Ion Blaster, albeit with more damage. 

Aiming down while in the air and firing downwards will result in the knockback of the gun pushing you upwards, resulting in a way to gain height without sacrificing health.

The Shotcycler has undergoes changes in the development of Daikatana, gameplay and model-wise.



Instead of firing 6 rounds quickly in succession after firing, you will instead fire one blast per press of the fire key. Once six shots are fired, there will be a small time before the player can fire the gun again. There is no recoil on this weapon, unlike its final game counterpart.

The model of the Pre-Alpha Shotcycler also differs. The Shotcycler appears to be blocky and cylindrical, bolted together, with a handle on top, unlike the final version of the Shotcycler.

The small time before firing was most likely a placeholder for a reload animation, which was present in the final version of the game.


The pre-alpha Shotcycler ejects green, untextured shells while the final Shotcycler ejects white shells.

Multiplayer Demo[]


The Shotcycler in the Multiplayer Demo was similar to the final games, but had a higher rate of fire. It would also fire fully automatically with the Attack Powerup without reloading.

There were multiple textures in the files, and the Shotcycler used a darker looking texture than in the final, and shells with a yellow inside, as opposed to the finals blue insides.

There was also a different firing sound and different particle effects for the Shotcycler than in the final version.