Daikatana Wiki

The Skill System is a experience-point based system of improving your abilities in the PC and N64 port of Daikatana. It is absent in the GBC version of the game.

The maximum skill points invested in a single skill can be 5. Skills can be boosted with skill points and with a temporary Skill Power Up.

The Skill System has 5 components which are as follows in this order -

The Skills can be categorized into 3 distinct categories

 Getting kills with the Daikatana does not result in experience points.  


Experience can be gained by killing enemies. You are restricted to a certain amount of skill points per skill in each mission, with the exception of the temporary effect of obtaining a skill power up.

The 64 version will display the experience points in the hud.


Hiro, Superfly and Mikiko each have different stats that they begin with in a multiplayer game.

Hiro - 1 point in Acro, and one in Attack.

Superfly - 1 point in Power, and 1 Point in Vitality.

Mikiko - 1 point in Speed, and 1 in Attack