Daikatana Wiki
Slugger Era: 2030
Ammo Reserves: 75
Weapon Type: Hitscan
Damage Per Shot: ~60 with variation for pellets
Self Damage: No



Slugger Ammo

The Slugger is a weapon available in 2030.

The Slugger fires 4 pellets in a random pattern per shot. At longer ranges, the pellets will have low accuracy, so using this at closer ranges is recommended. It's essentially a shotgun you'd find in most shooters.

Pressing the corresponding weapon key again will make the player pump the weapon in a unique animation, and then the fired ammo will be Cordite Grenades if the player has any in their ammo reserves.

v0.10 prototype[]

It appears that the Slugger was originally going to be a laser gun - just like the Novabeam instead of a shotgun. These lasers have yellow colours and had less spread and could be fired at longer ranges however it could still shoot Cordite Grenades, but this was different as well.

Dk98 ripgun

The grenades fired by it came from under the barrel instead of through the main barrel, much more akin to underbarrel grenade launcher attachments. It didn't need to be pumped to use the alternate mode and it instead played a sound when the player switches fire modes.

It appears different as well and the Slugger's main barrel would rotate when one is firing the lasers and the barrel rotating is never seen in the final game. The Slugger here was called the Ripgun and the Ripgun (The minigun in the final game) is called the Slugger.


The ammo name for the Ripgun is referred to as slugs - the same name as the ammo for the Slugger. This is because the Ripgun and Slugger changed names during development.