Daikatana Wiki
Speed Power Up Eras: All
Pickup Type: Power Up
Bonus Provided: 30 seconds of max level Speed

Speed Power Up

The Speed Power Up is a Power Up pickup that temporarily increases the players Speed Skill to 5 for 30 seconds.

The Power Up is a rotating yellow object that emits small yellow sparkle particles. It gives off a yellow glow. The top and middle parts of the Power Up rotate quickly in different directions.

Picking up this Power Up will make the announcer say "Speed".


In the Pre-Alpha, the Speed Power Up used a different model and gave the user 60 seconds of max Speed rather than the final games 30 seconds.


Pre-Alpha Speed Power Up

The appearance of the Speed Power Up was a man running quickly, with action lines behindhim, and the tan colour scheme along with the cartoonish look was made to match the other pre-alpha power up pickups.