Daikatana Wiki
Stavros Era: 560
Occupation: Sorceror, in his Dungeon
Enemy Type:  Mini-Boss


Stavros, also known as Stavros the sorceror, is a mini-boss in the Dungeon in era 560. He is one of the three magicians in 560, and he wields the Stave of Stavros, which he drops when he dies. Unlike all the other magicians, he does not have his own lair named after him, and the level does not provide you with an exit instantly when you kill him.


He appears when you turn two dials in E3M3C, and step onto a platform in the middle of a pool of lava. He will then proceed to attack the player with his staff, by firing meteorites and fireballs at the player using his staff. When defeated, a giant staircase will arise from the platform, allowing the player to continue, along with a pedestal rising, holding the Stave of Stavros.


Stavros has mutliple glitches. One rarely occuring glitch is his animations will occasionally break, allowing him to send a near constant stream of fireballs at the player. This will usually crash the game. Another glitch is he will often walk off of his platform into the lava, if the player moves elsewhere on the map away from the platform. This is an easy way to kill him.