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Storm Sector 7 is one of the most popular multiplayer deathmatch maps in Daikatana. It is set in 2455.

Due to the popularity of the map, two versions of the map exist, the original and the newer version.

Newer version of Storm Sector 7[]


SS7 Tower in the newer version of the map.

The newer version of Storm Sector 7 features the same recognizable tower and surrounding area, though it is slightly different in size and in surroundings, and lacks the large 7 logo. The colours are also less dark, but the area has a much more bland and boring look than the original. Most notably, the Sidewinder at the top of the tower, has been replaced with a Plasteel Armor.


Lake/pond in the newer SS7

The map has also had an addition in the form of a large body of water off the side of the indoor areas - this provides a large open space for combat, which the original SS7 lacked. The newer SS7 also has much wide open indoor areas.

Despite the new additions, the newer version of SS7 is very rarely played, especially compared to the original. Even though it is a variation of one of the most popular Daikatana maps, the original SS7 is the map preferred by the community.

Original version of Storm Sector 7[]


Original ss7

The original version of Storm Sector 7 has the same iconic tower as the newer version, albeit higher and replacing the Plasteel Armor with a Sidewinder and it's respective ammo pickup nearby.

The map has much tighter indoor spaces, and the only open area is the surrounding area of the tower - which is surrounded by large walls. Unlike the newest version of SS7, the older has very little open areas, and is almost entirely set indoors.

This version of SS7 is still commonly and regularly played today.

Map variations[]

  • A slightly different Storm Sector 7 was playable in the Daikatana multiplayer demo, featuring low quality rain particles, and small changes in pickups.
  • Due to the popularity and long history of competetive deathmatching, this map his been ported to Quake II, Quake 3, and Warsow.