Superfly Johnson Eras: All, born in the 2400's
Occupation: Prisoner in Mishima Fortress, former chief of Security under Mishima

Superfly Johnson wielding the Glock

Superfly Johnson is one of the main characters in Daikatana. He is a sidekick of Hiro Miyamoto. He is playable in the GBC version of the game. He is also a sidekick.

He is voiced by Marcus M. Mauldin.

As of 2455, he is imprisoned in Mishima Fortress for speaking out against the horrible conditions of the prisoners in the fortress. He is rescued by Hiro as he is waiting to be executed.

He had encountered illicit practices, bribing and corruption in his tenure of over 5 years working as head of security.

His backstory is not known, leading to speculation that he had led a life or done things he had regretted - which is likely with his high position of power and contact with Kage Mishima.

Throughout the game, Superfly is the voice of reason, and is also somewhat pessimistic, for example: asking whether King Gharroth even has the power to recharge the Daikatana.

Superfly is an available character in multiplayer, and starts with a bonus to Vitality and Power.

Trivia Edit

  • In the PC version, Superfly recognizes Mikiko due to her attractive looks, however, in the GBC version, Superfly does not know who she is, and uses Toshiro Ebihara's hologram to find her.
  • While playing as Superfly in multiplayer, the viewmodel arms will still use Hiro's - despite inconsistent skin color and shape.
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