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Tatsuo Ebihara Era: 2030
Occupation: Scientist/doctor working for Mishima Labs

Tatsuo Ebihara

Tatsuo Ebihara (Tatsuro in the GBC version) is a scientist working under Mishima in 2030. He created the cure for the Mutagenic Marburg-Pox Filovirus, which was stolen by Kage Mishima using the time travel powers of the Daikatana. He is the ancestor of Toshiro Ebihara and Mikiko Ebihara. He is visited by Hiro Miyamoto and Mikiko Ebihara, also using the power of the Daikatana. The duo attempts to tell Tatsuo the truth about Mishima and they succeed in convincing him, who in turn gives them Kage Mishima's last known location.