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The Tazerhook is a weapon in era 2030, in the pre-alpha version of Daikatana which is an early version of the game in 1997.

It is a grey, seashell-shaped weapon with a hook at the front of the weapon, as well as black detaillings and its hook has a red tip at the end.

If you press the attack key, it shoots out a hook, but the fired hook itself doesn't can't be seen or interacted with in the game world and does nothing to enemies, so there’s no way to see what it did.

What the Tazerhook and its hook does is unknown, but there are three theories. The hook fired by the Tazerhook would have likely either stunned your enemies for a short amount of time, giving you and your buddies to attack enemies. Maybe it could grab enemies, bringing them straight to you. Also if possible it could be some kind of grapple-gun, as possibly the Tazerhook was possibly a weapon used for traversing maps.

The Tazerhook was likely overlooked by the pre-alpha's developers, as it never appears in other prototypes. It was possibly already cut by the time the pre-alpha of Daikatana was made.

After the pre-alpha the Tazerhook was never seen again in the final game after that.