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Toshiro Ebihara Eras: 2400's, killed in 2455
Occupation: Dead

Toshiro Ebihara is a side character in Daikatana. He is the father of Mikiko Ebihara, and raised her after her mother's death. He explains the Ebihara and Mishima clan wars, and talks to Hiro about the Daikatana, his ancestors and that his daughter has been captured when she tried to take the Daikatana away from Kage Mishima. He also talks about Tatsuo Ebihara, his ancestor, and how Kage Mishima stole the vaccine for the Mutagenic Marburg-Pox Filovirus from him, to ensure his dominance.

Toshiro was once very wealthy, and excavated the Daikatana.

He wears robes and a cloak to hide himself, and knows he is being followed by Mishima assassins, and does not know he has long to live, which is why he comes to Hiro, in addition to asking him to save his daughter.

He was murdered by assassins in 2455, allowing Hiro to play dead in his place, and get inside of Mishima Fortress, setting forth the events in Daikatana.