Daikatana Wiki
Ultimate Gas Hands Era: 2455
Ammo Reserves: 100
Weapon Type: Melee, Super Weapon
Damage Per Shot: 1000
Self Damage: No

Gas Hands

The Ultimate Gas Hands is a super weapon in era 2455.

The Gas Hands are an alternate ammo for the Disruptor Glove. You can switch between the Disruptor Glove and Gas Hands by pressing the corresponding weapon button. This will perform a long-ish animation of the character strapping the Gas Hands onto their wrist, and pulling on it to start it. You cannot switch weapons or fire while equipping the Gas Hands.

When the Gas Hands are equipped, from any weapon, the strapping animation plays every time.

The Gas Hands are very noisy. Having them as the active weapon will give off a very loud and noticeable, as well as constant sound. The Gas Hands will also give off smoke particles constantly.

The Gas Hands have the highest damage out of any weapon in the game.

The Gas Hands have ammo, and will run out of it, despite ammo not appearing on the HUD.