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Usagi Miyamoto Eras: 16th Century - appears later as a ghost
Occupation: Weaponsmith, ghost

Usagi Miyamoto

Usagi Miyamoto is the man who forged the Daikatana, and a member of the Miyamoto clan. He is ancestor to Inshiro Miyamoto

His origin story is explored in the Daikatana comic.

During the clan war between the Mishima and the Ebihara, Usagi forged the Daikatana under request of the Mishima clan; he worked hard until achieving the power he wanted. Inshiro told him instead to offer it to the Ebiharas. Usagi and Inshiro worked together to defeat the Mishimas; once being aware of its power, they cast it into a volcano.

However it is revealed in a dream that Usagi was cheated by the Ebiharas and stole the sword from him. Usagi however survived the attack and escaoed to the volcano. He fell down to his death with the sword, until it was rediscovered by Kage Mishima centuries later.

As Hiro goes on a quest to recover the Daikatana, Usagi's spirit accompanies him throughout time, and even helps him, such as:

  • Blowing up a power box in the Drain (2455)
  • Pointing to the designs of a mechanical combination in the Catacombs (1200 BC)
  • Pointing to the Book of Old Songs in the Plague village (560)
  • Opening the door of the prison in Mishima's tower, and finaly empowering Hiro to defeat Kage. (2030)

At the end of Daikatana, Usagi's spirit enters Hiro Miyamoto's body - allowing him to defeat Kage Mishima. He gains complete control over the Daikatana, and the ability to time travel to a particular location and time.


  • He shares a name with another Edo-period Japanese fictional character, Miyamoto Usagi, who was the protagonist of the Dark Horse Comic's Usagi Yojimbo. It is unknown if this is a deliberate reference or just a strange coincidence. (Although taking into account that Usagi means Rabbit in Japanese and how the names are already incredibly similar, it could be the former)