Daikatana Wiki
Vitality Power Up Eras: All
Pickup Type: Power Up
Bonus Provided:  30 seconds of max level Vitality

Vitality Power Up

The Vitality Power Up is a Power Up pickup that temporarily increases the players Vitality Skill to 5 for 30 seconds.

The Power Up is a rotating purple object that emits small pinkish-purple sparkle particles. It gives off a purple glow. It appears to have some type of metal constraints around it.

Picking up this Power Up will make the announcer say "Vitality".


The power up will boost your health to 175 if it is at 100. When the power up ends, if you have over your maximum health, the health will slowly drain until your maximum health level.

Pre Alpha[]

In the Pre-Alpha, the Vitality Power up used a different model and gave the user 60 seconds of max Vitality


rather than the final games 30 seconds.

The appearance of the power up was a cracked open pill/vitamin, and the tan colour scheme along with the cartoonish look was made to match the other pre-alpha power up pickups.